SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers you a great tool to iterate a lot of different idea’s in a short time. But, sometimes an idea is becoming quite large and you might run out of time. A helpful solution is to make use of the symmetry of your design.

The main idea of symmetric constrain is to reduce your computational time. For ex. If you have a model which is symmetric or cyclic symmetric (Axi-symmetric) like tyre, pressure vessel, alloy wheel etc. Suppose you wants to run the simulation on a whole model which is symmetric in nature. Creating a mesh for complete model create more no. of element which eventually increase the computational time. In this topic we are going to learn how to reduce the computational time without affecting the quality of the product.

Model preparation

First of all, you need to know if your model is suitable for applying a symmetry fixture. Your model and setup need to meet the following requirements:

  1. The model must be fully symmetric.
  2. The fixtures must be fully symmetric.
  3. The loads (e.g. force, pressure) must be fully symmetric.
  4. In case of an assembly, verify that your contact conditions (e.g. bonded, no penetration) are fully symmetric.


As you can see the above example that I have removed the 3/4th part by extrude cut or by changing the revolving value from 360° to 90°.

Study setup

After your model is correctly split in half, you can create your simulation study. As I have selected static study.


  1. Apply Material properties- Alloy steel

     2. Fixture

Select the symmetric in advanced option. And in the selection window select the two faces as shown. Here the preview of the model give you clear idea whether you have selected the correct face or not.


  3. External loads

Select the pressure from the load and select the three face as highlighted in blue colour in a selection window as 200 psi.

  4. Study results


    5. Conclusion

    Full model                                                                                            Quarter mode

As we can see the elements and nodes is reduced almost 70%. Which eventually reduce the computational time. And moreover it does not affect the results.


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